How would I make a vehicle spawning GUI

I am working on a GUI where you can spawn vehicles, I am trying to make it so that when you spawn a vehicle you get teleported to it, the whole thing works, the vehicle spawns, the player gets teleported but here’s the problem. I have several places for a vehicle to get spawned, There are 4 for each type of vehicle, I added “sensors” which use Touch and TouchEnded to see if a vehicle is touching the sensor, which would then change a value. The problem is the sensors don’t detect the vehicle sometimes which makes it really unreliable. If anyone could help please do. Below is the script for the sensors.


	script.Parent.SensorVal.Value = true



	script.Parent.SensorVal.Value = false


This is only one of them but basically how all of them are

Probably not related to the OP but

TouchEnded can work in a lot of wonky & unreliable results, as it’ll fire every time in addition with the Touched event as well, I’d recommend using Region3, or Magnitude instead for getting a portion of the world region (Or area) to set the SensorVal object

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I don’t see how I would make use of the distance between the part and the vehicle for a sensor, although why would I use Region3 for this?

Detection via touch is a really outdated method, I suggest you check out the new Prompt Feature.

yes a part can enable a prompt and has the ability to use a keyboard :+1:

Again, Region3 can be used to obtain a 3d region provided you have MinSize & MaxSize values

You can calculate given both of these values using the workspace:FindPartsInRegion3 function & check if the Vehicle is touching the part or not

If it is, set its SensorValue.Value to true

More info here: