How would I make an actual working loading bar with a percentage?

I have seen many games with fake loading screens that don’t actually wait for the game to finish loading. Instead, they just wait a few seconds, then disappear. It might work for some games, but it won’t work for mine. I found a tutorial on YouTube that is similar to what I want, except for one thing (for some reason there’s hardly any videos on making a functioning loading screen.) In the video, it shows how to make an assets loaded counter, but I want to make a simple percentage to indicate how much the game has loaded instead. How would I do this?

Video: How To: Custom Loading Screen That Actually Loads - Roblox Studio (Still works november 2020) - YouTube
Sorry, the video kinda sucks, but as I said before, there’s almost no videos on this, lol.

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There’s not a great way in general, because there’s not a great way to know how many assets you’ll need to load ahead of time.

You can call PreloadAsync with a list of instances if you know what you want to load ahead of time. It takes a callback function which tells you when a particular instance has loaded. You could hack a loading bar together that way. More info in this thread:

The best way is probably to just have a spinner that’s spins until you’re done, rather than trying to figure out an actual percentage.