How would I make an admin script?

Hi, I am lexishh and I have been making and scripting UIs for about a month now and since ever being interested in scripting my main goal has always been making an admin script, like Adonis, Basic Admin Essentials, Epix, Kohl and more. I’d like to know, how I would go about making one myself and if I should team up with a group of people and make it, me mainly doing the UI. Any response is appreciated.


Pretty much create a table with a list of admins, and any time they chat certain messages, make those messages spark a function. You can do this with player.Chatted:Connect(function() end)

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This tutorial should help:

The usual goto is holding arrays of UserIds of administrators and checking, with the newly added table.find, if their UserId is within one of those arrays before Connecting on Chatted.


Thanks, I’ll try to make one later on. :smile: