How would I make an efficient breakable prop?

I’ve seen tons of games where you have some sort of car and whenever you crash with a streetlight it just breaks and falls, I’m trying to do the same but it’s unefficient because whenever I crash it takes too much time to get unanchored and the car just stops because of the crash

I’ve looked throught the devforum and saw some similar posts but they either don’t have a solution or aren’t exactly the same question

I have also tried disabling the collision between the car and the streetlight, but they delay still looks bad

Is there any more efficient way?

as a workaround, you can add a child to your street lamp or to your car, that is just a transparent non collidable part, and is slightly bigger (longer) than your car. Unanchor the lamp when that part gets touched, so your car wont stop, but it would still look realistic and not delayed

Yeah that’s a hitbox, I’ve tried that and its a lot more efficient but it’s still delayed for some reason, and if I make the hitbox bigger you could just approach the streetlight without even touching it and it would fall which isn’t good at all

You can configure the delay easily by adjusting the hitbox size.

As for just approaching it, you can make it unanchor the part only when your car speed is bigger than a certain value. Just like in real life, car needs to have some speed to actually affect the lamp.

So when your car speed is bigger than lets say 30, enable the CanTouch of your hitbox, when its lower, disable it

Touched event, unanchor, collision group and vehicle speed