How would I make an icosphere and fill the faces correctly

I am trying to make a planet game and want to make spheres. I read that icospheres or icosahedrons work really well. But I have no idea how to make a scalable module that can be used to make these. Also my math is really bad, so I can’t really use math to figure out myself. The sphere generation stuff I saw on the devforum declared the vertices using variables, so I didn’t know how to make more of them. Thanks :slight_smile:

I found this, not sure if it’s helpful or not but it’s pretty much what you described.

Unfortunately what you are doing is very reminiscent of using something like OpenGL to make a sphere from scratch (using triangles), so you are going to need a fair bit of math to accomplish something like this.

Drawing in openGL is different from in roblox, because that’s in 2d. Any tutorial that is for Roblox itself? I searched youtube, nothing showed up sadly :sad:

OpenGL is a 3d graphics rendering engine. I’ve used it before.

Stuff like this is the kind of stuff that hasn’t really been done on Roblox, so you’ll have to use non-roblox resources and translate them into roblox (i.e. instead of drawing a triangle use 2 wedges or whatever)

@EgoMoose Has a tutorial for making triangles, and I have tried to use the Fibonacci sphere. Do you have an octahedron tutorial?

Unfortunately I don’t, sorry. You can probably find something about it somewhere though, just maybe try looking at non-roblox related resources.