How would I make an NPC able to walk on walls?

There’s no straight answer on the DevForum currently, and I require it for a project i’m working on.

  1. What am I trying to do?
    I’m trying to get a system like EgoMoose’s Gravity Controller to work for NPCS only.

  2. The issue.
    All my attempts at using the Gravity Controller have failed, might just not be built for NPCs.

  3. Where have I looked and what have I tried?
    I’ve checked the devforum for this, it’s been discussed but none of the topics gave me an actual answer or way to create such system, I’ve also tried to use the gravity controller to zero success.

What do I want to happen?
I want to make an NPC able to walk on walls and other surfaces without the use of gravity.

The gravity controller is not compatible with NPCs, so you will have to code your own gravity controller system.
You could code your own gravity controller, but that would be very complicated and take a while. A shortcut would be to just switch the character’s current model to something that can walk on walls (such as a spider), and then when the character is on the ground, switch the model back to the original model.

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