How would i make custom ui for the car speedometer?

The cars have an speedometer how can i make it a custom ui?

Literally replace the speedometer’s gui with your own custom one

You would have to make a Gui in StarterGui and put a TextLabel inside of it which will display the speed of the car. How I get the speed is by getting a part from the car (I chose the seat) then doing part.Velocity.Magnitude. I would then set the Text for the TextLabel as the speed every frame or so but doing that will result in a very long number so you would use would math.floor(speed + 0.5) to round the speed.

I misread it as well, I thought he was wanting to know how to make a speedometer, it was wrong. He wanted to know how to change it to his own rather than a pre-made one by the Vehicle Chassis.

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ohh to do that all you have to do is make a gui then disable the HeadsUpDisplay property in the VehicleSeat