How would I make glowbands?

Howdy, I am working on a club styled game. I want to make glowsticks/glowbands. I am not sure how I would get the bands to wrap around the characters bodyparts properly? I want the bands to look like they’re actual bands and not circles or squares going around the characters bodyparts. I know that using a fake R6 (R15 to R6) and then using layered clothing is an option but I don’t want to do that. How would I script it to be flush with the character? Could something like shapecasting be utilized on the bodypart? If so, then how may I script that?

The images provided aren’t mine and are just examples of what I don’t want.


Are there any experiences you know of that currently achieve this? I’m not sure if what you’re asking for is possible.

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Actually that’s a valid point, I am not sure if there is any games that can achieve this. I do know that club raven just scales it down to the size of your limbs. But if you have square bodyparts it looks bad. I might just have to do an R6 converter :weary: Not even advanced games like club tesla were able to do much about it.

I’d suggest playing around with particle emitters, beams, or trails. Perhaps you could rotate one of them around a limb to achieve a similar or arguably better effect.

Beams are a good idea actually but I want physical things like parts or models strictly because performance things. The game is going to be pretty detailed.

Physical parts and models would likely be more performance intensive.

use a motor6d/weld, it’s that simple really

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I know how to attach them, I just don’t know how I’d make them flush/form properly with any shape limb.

What about 4 Parts with SurfaceLights in them with the lights facing toward the inside?
They could be slightly larger than an arm, but I’m not sure if the minimum distance would work. I’m not in studio to see if a SurfaceLight would shine on a surface only .05 studs away so you may need to move each Part a bit further back.

It might be easier to allow a player to choose a round Neon Part or a square Neon Part as the source of their bands so they could decide how they want them to look. Maybe give them the option of changing the Position slightly to allow them to fit them to their avatar.

Yeah I am considering just making the script check the size of the mesh itself and scale it to that. Most definitely won’t be as accurate as I’d like but it is probably the best solution.

There’s actually built-in attachments to body parts. Go to rig builder and insert both R6 and R15 rigs, then utilize Humanoid.RigType to get the proper attachments. Resizing is as simple as getting the size of said body parts.

This probably isn’t possible (technically it is if you decide to be a maniac and make one for every body part manually) until the editabletextures or editablemeshes come out.

Ooooh, I forgot editable meshes are going to be a thing. Thank you, I’ll wait for that to come out.