How would I make my beam curve?


This is a beam that I’ve put together

My goal is that when I move the top attachment forward it’ll curve like this:

Right now it doesn’t do that, it goes from attachment1 to attachment2 in a straight line. I tried changing the settings but it ended up like this and I can’t seem to make it normal again unless I revert the changes to the settings.

So how can I make the beam curve like the line I drew? I’ll supply the asset below if that helps

t3st.rbxm (3.1 KB)


So here’s what ya gotta do: For some reasonable results, change the orientation of the upper attachment to be something like -45 for x and -90 for y and z, increase the amount of segments, set the curve sizes back to its default number, and bring the upper attachment outwards from the part.

  • If you have 1 segment, the image will always be straight. The more segments you have, the more of a bend there’ll be in the beam; the less segments, the less bend.
  • I would also recommend setting the upper attachment higher, since the beam is quite small.
  • Keeping both curve sizes set to only 1 works quite well, and slightly increasing them also works in your favor, but too large of a number means the peek of the curve will be high than what you want.

This is what I got from what I’ve explained here. Hope this all helps!



Thank you!

I still need to change the properties a little bit more but now it doesn’t look so weird haha.