How would I make non euclidean

I want to make a random generated maze that is only visible by entering a doorway that seems like a home front door, I mean I would have a house, but when you enter it you are in big like backrooms maze


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Check the game above made by @EgoMoose
You can set up a door way and have the maze be the place you get teleported.

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Okay this looks cool and could be pretty useful, how would I make random generated maze then? I was looking for this on the internet a while ago, but I didn’t found anything good.

Build the mazes, and when player does something, make a random number generator with math.random(1, total variations , then if that number is 1, then make the first maze visible with a for loop

local totalVariations = 10 --in my case
local rng = math.random(1, totalVariations)
if rng == 1 then
     for i, v in pairs(folder.Maze1:GetDescendants()) do
          v.Visible = true
if rng == 2 then
     for i, v in pairs(folder.Maze2:GetDescendants()) do
          v.Visible = true

Make it like that