How would I make scope swaying for a viewmodel?

I have been looking to make scope sway like in real life on Roblox, for a gun system. Here is an example of what I want, but in Roblox. Roblox 2023-08-15 22-31-31 , what I got at the moment is nowhere near, here’s what I got so far Viewmodel IK test - Roblox Studio 2023-08-15 22-40-16 . I tried moving the ImageLabel that is inside a Frame inside a SurfaceGui, but it didn’t work and I got no idea on how to do it, if anyone is kind enough to help me, I would appreciate that.

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You need to use a combination of math.sin and math.cos animations combined with the SpringService library.

May I get some help? I am still new and I got no idea how.

Nevermind, figured it out , making it basic, by using pointToObjectSpace