How would I make something like this?

I was just wondering how I would do something like this. The detailed textures are amazing and I wish I knew more about them. Clothing Store Display UI - Feedback this is what I am referring to, but thanks for reading and it is greatly appreciated!


Great question! Here was how I made it:

  1. You’ll make a standard frame with UiCorner and ClipDescendants.
  2. After, you’ll add a image on top of that frame with the same UiCorner. That image will then have a texture decal on it. Remember to turn on “Tile” so the image can get that texture look. Plus, you will need to make the background-transparency to 1.
  3. For the buttons, you just have a text-button with UiCorner on it and some TextSizeCoordination (I believe it is called something else.) on it.
  4. For the top text, you get a frame with UiCorner on it and make it hang off the frame a tad.
  5. On that frame that is hanging off, add 2 text labels on the right side.
  6. Lastly add a rotating viewport frame. Learn how to do this here.

That’s about it, if there are any errors just shoot me a message! There will probably be some mistakes, I’m still half asleep. :wink:


Lol np! Thank you so much, I am trying to get into UI design and after seeing your post, I had some inspiration. Thank you!