Clothing Store Display UI - Feedback

I am currently working on a clothing group’s newest Homestore. Though, as I got into making the UI for the clothing displayers, I can’t seem to find anything that works best. Do you have any feedback or suggestions to help improve this clothing display? :blush:

Here are my two designs so far:

Design One

Design one gives off that “wooden” kinda vibe, but the buttons seem odd to me. :confused:


Design Two

Design two isn’t bad, though the owner doesn’t enjoy it. Do you have any suggestions to help improve it? The owner suggested making it brighter and have a different font, though it looks odd being brighter with another font.


This also seems to be my favorite as it is fitting with the map!

Thank you,

Which design is best?
  • Design One (Wooden)
  • Design Two

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Design one looks better all the way.

  • Design One
    Indie Style Top Font and Shirt - $5 Font contrast each other so nice work on that. I like where it is placed too. I would probably make the Purchase green a bit brighter, and maybe add a gradient (not sure if you have one on there, hard to see). I would also turn that Cancel red to a brighter red.

  • Design Two
    Not the biggest fan of the Font here. I like the idea of how the Viewport is faced in a different version. Now that I think about it, you could add a 360 Icon where they can drag to view the entire character rather than just the front. I would put the X somewhere else. Maybe at the top right corner? I also the “Shirt” and “Pants” looks like a switch, same with the Try On which I’m not a very big fan in that design. I think it should just be buttons with spacing.


The feedback was perfect, I will surely look into these changes and keep you updated.

Answers to some of your questions:

The character actually moves in a 360 rotation, but I like the idea of adding a slider. I’ll look into it!

Changed the colors of the buttons brighter, and the buttons seem to look 10x better.

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