How would I make the hands a little infront of the Camera?

I’m trying to make the hand models go a little bit infront of the Camera (Block)

What I have:

What I want:

I tried doing a bunch of stuff and it all didn’t work, and I haven’t checked the dev-fourm

I’m making a VR Script

local vrapi = game:GetService("VRService")
local Cam = workspace.CurrentCamera
local rh = workspace.rhand
local lh = workspace.lhand
local hh = workspace.head

local distcamera = 5

local hs = Cam.HeadScale

local function ta(tablea, number)
    local tableb = {}
    for i,v in pairs(tablea) do
        if tonumber(v) then
            v = v - number
            table.insert(tableb, tonumber(v))
    return tableb

    local cfRH = vrapi:GetUserCFrame(Enum.UserCFrame.RightHand)
    local rhrot = cfRH - cfRH.p
    local camrot = Cam.CFrame - Cam.CFrame.p
    rh:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(camrot * rhrot + Cam.CFrame * (cfRH.p*hs))
    local cfLH = vrapi:GetUserCFrame(Enum.UserCFrame.LeftHand)
    local Lhrot = cfLH - cfLH.p
    lh:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(camrot * Lhrot + Cam.CFrame *(cfLH.p*hs))
    local cfHH = vrapi:GetUserCFrame(Enum.UserCFrame.Head)
    local Hhrot = cfHH - cfHH.p
    hh.CFrame =  camrot * Hhrot + Cam.CFrame*(cfHH.p* hs)

Not familiar with VR development but isn’t it just a case of adjusting the Z part of the CFrame?

Just use righthandCF *,0,-offset)