How would I make the touched event only fire once?

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    Im trying to make a door that opens based on which side of the door your on, say for example your on the back side of it, it would open forwards, if you were on the forward side it would open backwards.
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    robloxapp-20230605-1424107.wmv (1.6 MB)
    It works the first time, but then after without player input just touching the hitbox makes it open
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    I tried adding debounces/pauses but it just won’t work

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local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local HitboxA = script.Parent.HitboxA
local HitboxB = script.Parent.HitboxB
local tcouhgeda = game.ReplicatedStorage.TouchedA
local tcouhgedb = game.ReplicatedStorage.Touchedb
local Proxy = script.Parent.Parent.OpenProximityPrompt.ProximityPrompt
local pause = false
local Door = script.Parent
	if pause then
	pause = true
		if touched.Parent:IsA("Model") and touched.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
			local Player = Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(touched.Parent)
			if Player then
				tcouhgeda:FireClient(Player, Door)
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Probably once the touched event triggers you can turn off cancollide or maybe even canquery.

@DasKairo has a better solution

Replace :Connect with :Once


Use :Once instead of :Connect


Your’s was actually better cause once wouldn’t even play the function at all, however turning off cantouch once it gets activated actually worked

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