How would I make this Ember effect?

Hello! So I’ve been trying to make an ember effect for a loading screen for a game I’m working on and am wondering how I would go about making it.

I’ve tried particle emitters but I can’t find a good decal to use and can’t figure out how I would change the properties.

Here is a reference of what I’m trying to achieve:


Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help!

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You could use a black part, a red light, a smoke particle effect, and a spark particle effect.

Another way you can get the gradient could be a part with a billboard GUI and then use a frame with a UIGradient.

Here is something I made similar to the image:

Here is the Roblox file if you want to check it out and mess around with it:
Ember ParticleEffect in Roblox v1.rbxl (35.1 KB)


Thanks! That really helps! Tysm!

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Do you mind if I use that for the game? If not that’s fine I’m just wondering.

You can use it if you want. The decal is here if you need the ID again for something: White Beveled Square - Roblox

Alright thank you so much!! This has really helped. I’ve been trying to get something like this all day.

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Can i use it for one of my build too? or do i need to credit someone?

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No credit needed, it was pretty easy to make. You can use it too.


ty for your reply,i just wanted to make it clear that im allowed to use it. merry christmas