How would i make this game better?

Hey im making a roblox game about baseball bats in which you go around and fight people with it. The problem is that when you play the whole game looks very bad. Heres the video (Sorry if it’s laggy)

So can anyone give me an advice how would i make this whole thing better?


God damn i fr gotta install obs.


You should add some lighting, atmosphere and other things.

My biggest suggestion is adding a slight blur, to make it look realistic, set it to between 4 and 8, whatever fits.


Starting with some shaders, better gui, new skybox, more details(bushes, grass, better trees, paths/roads locations) and maybe minimap

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You should focus on the lighting first, how your game actually looks, before adding GUI and actual physical (parts) decoration.

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Try to:

  1. use more meshes from blender / hire builder or modeler

  2. use less unions

  3. use reflection parts / try to change lighting properties, watch tutorials about lighting in roblox studio

  4. doesn’t use ANYWAY models / scripts from workspace

  5. watch tutorials about modeling and building in roblox studio.

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Should i add a camera shake???


You mean “viewbobbing”?

There’s lots of free scripts in Roblox Studio’s Toolbox, you can use them.

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I already used one thats pretty realistic. but still, should i use them in my game?

Do you want your game to be better by it looking good, or by realism? Those are two different things.

Like this example:

It looks good, but it obviously isn’t realistic.

I want it to look good but not realistic.

In my screenshot, you can see a tint of blur in it, to add smoothness, and also more extreme bloom on the neon parts, using Blur and Bloom, all inside the Lighting service.