How would i make this look "better"

Very vague title cuz i didnt know what a better name would be
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Trying to create a holding animation for a gun
it looks good (to me) from a non first person view
(the square is the camera part)

But when i go into first person it looks, well, not that great anymore

Just honestly looking for tips to make it look better in 1st person

Also why is there no diamonds in my animation editor?

I’d recommend creating a separate first person viewmodel.

Don’t have the arms bending in unnatural places.

mean, this is just a dummy but i copied my shirt onto it so i could make sure shirts worked, is there something im not getting because im pretty sure it is its own seperate viewmodel

i think i understand what you are saying but its going to be a little hard with how stubby r15 is but i will try to do that

What I meant by creating a separate first person viewmodel is when the player zooms in make their arms transparent and instead create fake arms on their screen that use a different animation. This is something many fps games use.

this is what im basically doing already is it not?
Creating the viewmodel & animations on a dummy arms and just attaching it to the camera?

Self reply here
i help figuring out what to do here,
so holding the gun it would make sense to hold it like this
But the hands are so thick it doesnt exactly 'hold the gun" without having to bend them in not so great looking ways

Even with moving them / bending them
the hands go through each other and the gun
which doesnt help make it look any better