How would I make this scrollingframe use the X Size instead of the Y Size for scale?

I need a scrollingframe to use the X Size for scaling instead of using the Y SIze.

I need to make an expandable scrolling frame that has even padding when the size of scrolling frame canvas’s Y changes.

What I need :

What is currently happening when I change the Y size of the Canvas:

Explorer Layout:

I tried to find a solution on the devforum, but the things I tried did not work

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Why don’t you use the UIGridLayout? You can adjust the layout to the one you want.

I am using a UIGridLayout, look at the explorer image.

I tested it in studio, the padding didn’t change?

The padding changes when the canvas size changes

And it doesn’t change? I tested it, the padding is still the same

Can you send me a screenshot of the padding not changing? Because it is changing for me.

Canvas Y size: 2

Canvas Y size: 15

(Sorry for poor quality)

I will send you a rbmx file with my UI and can you see if it works?

Yea sure.
(30 charsssssssssssss)

Here you go:
(30 charssssssssss)
UI.rbxm (9.2 KB)

So the problem was that you were using scale on the CellPadding and CellSize. Use offset instead.

But I need scale for the project I am using it for.

You should ask another person, I’m not good at UI designing.

Ok, thanks for your help anyways.