How would I make this?

So I’m playing around with plugins and I want to know how to make a certain face of a part change color when it is selected like in this plugin

Are the red things parts? Does anyone have a idea on how to achieve this

Hope I’m clear

Uhm, you have to explain how the plugin works to people. If you want you can just make a very thin part on top of it and paint it different.

How would be script know what position the thin part would be in?

I know you could use plugin:GetMouse().TargetSurface though

I think your best bet is to just use a decal with the color you want on it. I don’t think you can change colors per face.

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Oh sorry, I’m not a scripter. Just a simple builder :/. I also don’t work with plugins. @JigglyWiggles has a good point with the decal.

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For this plugin, several small parts are used to create this effect. If you dont want to worry about dynamically creating parts and positioning them, you can use SurfaceSelection to select a specific surface on an Part or Model.


I didn’t know that object existed. Studio doesn’t let you insert it with the + icon next to instances. I had to use in the command bar to get it.