How would I make tools unequip like this?

I am a beginner scripter who’s only had a few months of experience with Lua. I’m working on a game, and I’ve mostly relied on tutorials and this forum to make some progress.

Right now I am trying to make a system to allow the player to unequip a tool, as shown in this clip:

Because I lack experience with scripting, I have no clue how to make something like this. I’ve looked at free models for reference and watched tutorials for a few hours but none of it made any sense to me.
I think this is because this is too advanced for a beginner, so is there anything beginner-friendly I can look into so that I can understand this better?

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Do you want it first or third person?

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I want it first person. Just like how it was in the video.

Well, I’m not too sure about how to do the first person part, but you can reference this:

To drop the tool, you can clone all of the parts in the tool and place it at the player’s arm while destroying the tool they’re holding.

I think for the tool you can change the parent of the tool to the workspace once you want to unequip it. It works for starter pack tools I’m not sure if it will work with those tools.

If this is a actual tool you can use the :UnEquipTool() function. However if you are using the motor6d to part method you simply need to reparent the collection to replicated storage