How would I make two seperate character cameras?

For a module that I am making, it requires there to be two seperate cameras. I got the character movement and control part down which consists of two characters. How would I make to seperate screens that each contain a view of the character and the map it is traveling in?

Are we talking about in a comic book way or two separate cameras with different angles that feels like Heavy Rain?

If the latter then I would highly recommend looking into ViewportFrames and even WorldModel since that’ll become useful for when you replicate animations. (It helps carry assets into the camera.)

There are many tutorials on how to use this feature and this may come at limitations, but I do genuinely think that ViewportFrames are definitely the way to go.

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I figured someone would suggest this. I have a movement system with 4 arrow keys which are pretty self explanatory. Would the movement system still function while the character and map are parented under a ViewportFrame’s camera?