How would I make viewmodel sway?

I would like to know how I would add viewmodel sway to my FPS game. I would like it to be as simple and universal while as professional looking as possible. Thanks.

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Use spring module, Or follow the sway tutorial here.

Now, I don’t like the way that tutorial does it (looks kind of… bad) and I want to use spring module. However, I can’t find any tutorials on Google, Bing, or YouTube. Can you get me a link to the module and a tutorial please?

Oh, Alrighty.

The spring module is different from the fps framework beginners guide.

Helpful, but is there an easier to read tutorial? Perhaps one on viewmodel recoil?

Unfortunately, not every problem you have to solve will have a convenient tutorial out there. You would be better off taking time to experiment and understand the components you are working with, so you can come up with solutions that satisfy your end goal.


With that said, there are tutorials that describe the same principles in different engines.