How would I make VR hands with the animated fingers?

I want to add hands with fingers that animate according to how much you have pressed grip or trigger button, like in the popular VR hands game to my game. The fingers in the linked game are all separate parts I am pretty sure, so I assume there is a brute force way to do it with positions and rotations. However, I have seen on other Roblox VR games that have hands with animated fingers, but the hands are a single skinned mesh. If anyone knows how either way is done I would appreciate it if you shared it. Thanks.


You could use Motor6Ds to align them without the use of physics, or AlignOrientation, HingeConstraint, etc. to align using physics. I recommend Motor6Ds for this, though.

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Wow, not sure why I didn’t think of Motor6Ds. What about the skinned mesh approach?


For using a skinned mesh you have to either make your own hand model and rig it, or you have to find one somewhere. I’m not very good at 3D modeling in programs like Blender, but I would assume a hand model isn’t too complex to make. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube about basic 3D modeling and rigging.

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