How would I make water physics?

So yeah the current water physics are kind of… Bland

I was thinking if there was some kind of system like waves?

I want to implement this into my game and I am way out of the oridnary to think about how to make this (not that I spent that last 2 hours thinking about it)

I just want to know how you would achieve this kind of things

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You could generate Enum.Terrain.Water and also Enum.Terrain.Air / whatever to erase it. Ideally you would want to crate a grid of your map and mark where the water is and then use the positions to create and remove water in one direction to create waves.

The smaller the grid measurements the more acurate the waves would be

You need custom water with mesh deformation, kinda hard but if you try it you’ll get the thing. You can try either gerstner or sine waves. If you really want to do it with terrain water there’s a module by robro786 (search “Sampling Terrain water height” in the search bar to get it") which you can use, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it so because after 10 minutes the waves get desynced. Its not an issue with his module, roblox doesnt expose the wave clock to the developers, not much we can do about it. Thats why I’ll recommend custom water with mesh deformation. You can search it up for more info, however there are no yt tutorials on it, so you’ll need some good scripting experience and the devforum. Currently I am doing this too so feel free to dm me, I have done half of the physics but am trying to do the rest too.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I will try this one!

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Google thought it was good to show me a post on how to create Realistic oceans. when I tried to search for mesh deformation :clap: