How would I obfuscate my scripts?

So, I made a whitelist system but I want to obfuscate my scripts. The plugin for obfuscating is not helping as it only obfuscates variables and keeps functions the same.
Are there any trusted and well-known websites I can use to obfuscate my scripts or another plugin I could use?

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If it’s server sided, you just shouldn’t, and if it’s client sided you should definitely not have a whitelist system on there.

Server scripts can’t be read by the client, so as long as your whitelist system is on the server, you should be good. Also please note that obfuscating can be reversed, and lots of popular methods such as Hexadecimal Strings can be de-obfuscated given enough time.

It’s server sided. All the scripts are in the server script service. I need a minimum protection so I’m trying everything I can to protect the scripts.

You don’t need to… It’s server sided

Is it a LocalScript Inside SSS or is it a normal script in SSS?

It is a normal script inside SSS.

It would be useless. Obfuscation is not required for Server Scripts because their code cannot be viewed through the client, and therefore cannot be stolen unless you have a backdoor (which you shouldn’t have in the first place).

I’m going to implement this inside a product, not the game. And it’s a product whitelist system. So someone can just remove the part where it says


because it’s not obfuscated.

This cannot happen because it’s a Server Script. It cannot be edited or viewed by anyone else. It’s as simple as that. Obfuscating would be pointless and a waste of time.

Just for clarification, obfuscation does not mean it prevents anyone from editing code. It’s for hiding variable names and trying to prevent stolen code (in Roblox’s case, Local Scripts).

They’re saying that they will be giving out the script for people to use and don’t want people to edit it without their permission, as for a guide you can find one on the devforum here.

(btw, I wouldn’t reccomend obfuscating your code even when giving out as it just makes people want to try deobfuscating it more)

Not to mention the serious performance concerns depending on how you’ve obfuscated it.

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Even if this were the case (it wasn’t stated anywhere in the post…), any resources posted on the DevForum should be completely open-sourced. If the code were obfuscated, the only way to figure out if it’s safe or not would be by taking the time to deobfuscate the code which will still prove the obfuscation pointless. There are still a lot of people who look through resources to learn how to script. Obfuscating it will only hurt them.

There are people who would leak my script or take credit for what I have done.
I found a script obfuscator a few minutes back.

If you don’t like having open-source code, then programming is not for you.

Here are some reasons why obfuscation is not a good idea:

  • Bad performance

  • Difficult to maintain/manage the project, especially if you’re working in a team

  • Obfuscation is not equal to security and can be cracked

If someone takes credit for it, I believe you can file a DMCA request to take them down.

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