How would I optimise this model?

How would I go about optimising this model, it has around 2k parts and I have 8 of these models, and that’s only part of the map. I’ve never had a lag problem until now, I even tried removing all 8 models and noticed that it was less laggy in Studio, but this model has: several of the same 2 bushes; many branches, both purple and brown, that I’ve made with many smaller parts using the Archimedes plugin by @Scriptos; and a few more parts for the purple cylinders and yellow neon balls.

Could I import this into blender somehow and optimise it there? Could I optimise it in Studio somehow? Please if you do know inform me into how I can optimise this model, thank you.

You definitely could throw it in to Blender and optimize it but if you have the knowledge to optimize it, why not just completely redo the mesh in Blender?

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I could try to learn and make things in Studio and optimise it in Blender (even though I’m not sure how exactly to optimise it in Blender) but I don’t know how to make things in Blender, for some reason it’s very hard for me, especially when I’ve gotten used to Studio’s controls.

Edit: I thought it was hard for me because I didn’t put enough effort, it gets easier when you actually try.

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I don’t have much experience but I found this post which explains how to convert your model into meshes in Studio. This may be useful if you’re not sure how to achieve this with Blender. I hope this helps!

This could be made very easily in blender! Modeling like this in Roblox is awesome and you did well, but there’s no real good way to optimize this for your game as it is now.

Keeping this in your game will essentially ruin performance, so I would just learn the basics of blender and recreate it there. Although not a simple model, you could re-make this in blender with almost none of the lag issues that come right now… It’ll be tedious and annoying but it’ll give you a better skill set that you can (and I suspect will have to) use in future development.


Yeah you guys are right I should learn blender, it’s actually easier than I anticipated, for those who are stuck in learning it I suggest this video, also watch his series on making low poly objects: castles, houses, chess boards, cars, skyscrapers and stuff in 10 minutes, it tells you how you can make things like that in blender.

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