How would I optimize my game for lower end hardware

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    I want to optimize my game for lower end hardware (I have lower end hardware and I get about 20 fps on my own game…)
  2. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!
    I need more fps (my game is a first person shooter)
  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    i tried looping through all the parts and if its small hide the part but that lags the game more
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Remove unnecessary shadows and if you have a mesh make a version with less polygons, you could also activate StreamingEnabled.

but how would i unload the stuff without it lagging my game?

If your game has an option to have low graphics, a LocalScript would disable CastShadow and Shadows if enabled, also if there are animations it could check the distance between the player and these and deactivate them if it is far.

why would the animations lag my game?

Enough animations can lag your game, because Roblox would have to update a lot of Motor6Ds and parts.

I only have one custom animation (its just the player holding a weapon no idle animations per weapon just one animation) so that shouldn’t be a problem

There are quite a lot of ways, turn off the light when far away, don’t render objects that you don’t see(it is called Occlusion Culling btw). Roblox doesn’t support it so you have to write a script for that.

ive tried doing that but if its far away then it dissapears but it lags the game

How about games like arsenal. When your on a certain graphics level you can see smoke and the particles come out your gun

i did do that but it is more of a performance decrease how would i do it without it lagging the game

I disabled streaming (because it ruined gameplay on tablet) and changed lighting mode to voxel and it runs at a slightly playable framerate on my tablet but on my pc the voxel lighting made a big difference

Use R6
And removing parts that nobody can see