How would I prevent exploiters from disabling scripts

Hey all,
I believe the title says it all.
So I was making an anti-cheat and to prevent hackers from disabling the script I was constantly looping through their character and check if the script was disabled, if yes then I would kick them.
I went it to play test, disabled the script but nothing happened. When I went to the server I checked the script and it was enabled.
So my question is what if an exploiter disables the local script. If I make 2 of them to check each other he can just disable them together

script1.Disabled = true
script2.Disabled = true

Thanks for help!

Your client is responsible for inputs. I don’t think it’s gonna have a huge impact on your game if you have good securities in your game.

You shouldn’t be worried about client side you should worry about server side instead and make it secure as possible. You are just spending your time on unneccessary things.

In my opinion,breaking the localscript just broke all the function that localscript are for which making hacker client not working
But it will not affect with the server

If its a local script u can do script.Parent = nil and
script.Disabled = true
script.Parent = Player.PlayerScripts
script.Disabled = false
i have a anti WalkSpeed Script inside StarterPlayerScripts and this patches the walkspeed exploit if u set ur speed with synapse or some other exploit program

Server Script
while wait() do
    for _, script in pairs(ScriptsFolder:GetChildren()) do
        if script:IsA("LocalScript") then
            script.Disabled = false

Yeah but there is an anti auto click script too, am mainly worried about it otherwise we have strong server protection

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check if the scripts are disabled (In a local script) then if the player disabled any script , kick LocalPlayer with :Kick

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You can check for sending “Remotes” in certain frequency and decide if the player is using autoclicker by server.

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He can just disable the local script that checks others, thats the problem.

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we can just duplicate it and make both scripts check , and yes i am smart lol

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How about, instead you use a local script, just use a script that places in a startercharacter!

Due to filteringEnabled, the change wouldn’t replicate to server. You could use a local script, but that defeats the point of the script.

The exploiter has access to the client side, may do a server side script for your anti-cheat.