How would I put a part on the end of another part?

Hello, could you help me put the small part on the bottom of the big part?


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No how would I do it with a script?

set the neon part’s CFrame to the other part’s with a small offset and rotation. Make sure both are anchored.

Here you can find what you are looking for

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You can use CFrame:ToWorldSpace() Here is a code snippet I just made:

local objectRod = --The object you want to move it on
local objectCap = --The object which will go on the end of the cap, aka the neon part

local rodAxis = "Z" --Change these two things to X, Y, Z if it isn't positioning properly
local capAxis = "Z"

--Reposition it using :ToWorldSpace
--                               rodheight offset              Cap size offset
local offset =, 0, (objectRod.Size[rodAxis]/2) + (objectCap.Size[capAxis]/2))
objectCap.CFrame = objectRod.CFrame:ToWorldSpace(offset)