How would I randomize the movement of my gui

I’m currently trying to make a system where you’d make your mouse follow a circle and begin to gain a form of progression from it, but I need the gui location to be randomized, but the issue I’m seeing is that I cannot do the in the brackets or else it’ll say

I’ve tried turning UDIM into a table so far, but from there I don’t really know what else to do atm.

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Why not? Can you show us your code?

-- \\ Variables // --

local Randomzier =
Randomzier:NextNumber(0, 300)
local Meditation ="BoolValue")

-- \\ Services // --

UIS = game:GetService("TweenService")

-- \\ Functions // --

	UDim2(Randomzier:NextNumber(0, 300),Randomzier:NextNumber(0, 300),Randomzier:NextNumber(0, 300),0),

You make a new UDim2 with, and you need to tween the position of the circle in the player’s PlayerGui, not in StarterGui

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How do I make it play as a Gui tween. I have no idea how to use it.

The error attempt to call a table value means you’re calling UDim2() instead of

You should also look at the UDim2 page on the developer api reference. Your 1st and 3rd arguments that you pass into your UDim2 should be between 0 and 1 (unless you want it to go off screen), 1), 0, Randomzier:NextNumber(0, 1), 0)
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Oh. I finally figured it out, I just need to do the other part of the script. Thank you so much for the help.