How would I reduce tris and keep the same shape and quality of mesh?

Hello!!! So I just made my first hair on blender, but there’s too many tris. I added a decimate modifier, but the problem with that is that it ruins the smoothness and general appearance of my hair. How would I keep the hair looking nice while being able to import it? For reference, here’s a screenshot: hair1 (Also, feedback on the hair itself is appreciated!! I’d love opinions, as it’s my first one)

Couple options:
If you use a subdivision surface modifier to smooth out the hair, turn down the viewport amount, Smooth shading should do most of the work.
Maybe switch the decimate modifier to a different setting like un-subdivide or planar.

I don’t have any subdivide modifiers at the moment, this hair was made from mirrored curves and converted to a mesh

Do you still have the original curves? If you do, you should lower the resolution of the curve and bevel.

no, I don’t (also I just checked the decimate method I was using was planar and it can’t go over about 3 degrees or the thing is ruined)

I ended up adding 2 decimates, one with un-subdivide and one with planar and adjusted them both so the face counts provided on each were under the 10,000 limit, but it still won’t let me import it