How would I remove an existing Region3

So I created a custom explosion thing and it uses region3 Based on the largest sphere.
Anyways my issue is that when the model is removed (including the spheres) the region3 remains.
The GIF below showcases my issue.


The model is removed, part when I move a part back to where the region is, it remains (it gets slingshot forward). So anyways, how would I remove a Region3?

Methods I’ve tried

Setting Region to nil
Destroying the part

@Nezct, Is the region3 still damaging any target even though the explosion is finished?

A region3 by itself does not do anything. There must be something else in your script that’s causing it. To remove the Region3, just unreference it and garbage collection will remove it.


As @thenoobforevernever said, Region3 is nothing but a data class like a Ray for some methods. Considering the weird physics, I suspect that you use a force instance of some sort to propel the parts. You need to clear those together with the spheres.

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Thank you, found out about the issue!