How would I script a pendulum based spiderman swinging script

I’m looking to make a pendulum based swinging script for a spider-man game im working on. How would I go about that. I’ve tried several times with different scripts but just can’t get it to work. Could anyone help me script one?

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you could try using a rope constraint. It requires a bit of scripting but it shouldnt be that hard

--Raycast, get the info
local RayResult = Ray.New(handPosition, (MousePosition - handPosition))
--Create attachment at the hit point
if rayResult and rayResult.Instance then
    local HitPosition = rayResult.Position
    local HitObject = rayResult.Instance
    local Attachment ="Attachment", hitObject)
    Attachment.Position = (HitPosition - HitObject.Position)
    local Rope ="RopeConstraint")
    Rope.Attachment0 = Attachment
    Rope.Attachment1 = --Put attachment in tool that the rope connects to
    Rope.Length = (Attachment0 - Attachment1).magnitude
    Rope.Color = --Put color name you want here ex("Dark Stone Grey")
    Rope.Visible = --Do you want to see the rope
    Rope.Thickness = --How thick do you want the rope
    Rope.Parent = --Somewhere in workspace

it might not work copy paste because I haven’t tested it, but this is the general idea

You could hook it up with a remote event or just have it on the client (so its lag free)