How would I script it so that certain players can't see as far?

Basically, i’m trying to make a light switch, that when turned off, all the players in the room will have very limitied eyesight (one or two studs)? I’ve tried using stuff like ColorCorrectionEffect, but if you turn your computer’s brightness up you’ll see everything fine.

making the fog small is the easiest way to do it

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Do you mean smoke? I can’t find an instance called ‘fog’

You can find the Fog properties inside your Explorer:

game > Lighting > FogEnd/FogStart/FogColor

I can’t find where it is…

Try removing fog in your search bar? You should be able to find it either way

still don’t see it…

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If you have Atmosphere inside of the Lighting, the FogStart and FogEnd properties will be hidden.

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oh. Should I delete Atmosphere? But not only do I not have the Fogstart/end property, I don’t even have the Fog property.

There is no “Fog” property – only FogStart, FogEnd, and FogColor.

If you’re planning on using Fog, the Atmosphere object needs to be removed or else any modifications made to the fog-related properties will not be visible in the game. This can be tested by changing those properties when an Atmosphere object is not present and then adding one into the Lighting.

You can keep using the Atmosphere. Use it’s “Density” property to simulate fog.

Remember to do this on each client separately. From a Localscript.

You would need a serverscript that fires a RemoteEvent to each player that needs to be blinded.

Keep in mind that this can easily be exploited as it is a graphical effect.

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when you mean easily exploitable, you mean that someone could use exploits to just not show the fog?

Precisely that – because it’s being adjusted from the client, the client could also decide that they want to change it on their own even if the game didn’t say so.

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Preventing things like this is a waste of time, things like fog will always be exploitable as it’s given to each client.

Worst case scenario is they delete the fog, there’s not too much you can do about that, just make sure your game is secure from any dangerous exploits such as abusing remote events etc.

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I wasn’t mentioning anything about preventing it – just clarifying what @apenzijncoolenleuk1 meant to answer @nicknickphoenix’s question – I agree with your points, though.