How would i start making hand collision in VR?

how would i go about making hand collision for vr? Im using the usual

lHand.CFrame = (camera.CFrame**camera.HeadScale))*CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(cfLH:ToEulerAnglesXYZ()) -- thanks greagnatame for pro gaming hand

and dont know where to start with adding hand collision
I would appreciate it a lot of you told me where to start or even give me tips and advice also

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Not a really good scripter myself. But I have tried using BodyMovers (BodyPosition + BodyGyro) for this. It is something you could try, although maybe some other things have to tweaked on the way.

One method could be using Align Position and Align Orientation. First make a left hand part and right hand part and align them with the controllers. Make sure these parts have CanCollide set to false. Then make two new parts, one for left hand while the other for right hand. Next insert a Align Position and Align Orientation to both parts. Set ReactionForceEnabled to true, and set the target to the Non CanCollide parts. That should give you hand collision.


thanks! this was the method that i used a while back, I forgot to close this topic lol


I have a question. I am also figuring this out, how would I set the target to be non-collideable parts and do I have to set ReactionTorque enabled on Align Orientation?

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