How would I tween a model?

So my question is:
If I were to tween the root of a model, would it tween everything else in the model?
Or do I have to use welds?

this is Position tweening BTW.


Maybe try tweening the primaryPart of the model?

Yeah thats what I meant.
Would this move the whole model or just the root?

I think it would move the whole model

Yes, you would have to use welds, otherwise only the primarypart would move. Make sure everything is welded to the primarypart and tween the CFrame of the primarypart to move the whole model.

Also, make sure only the primary part is anchored

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Ok first off,
I have it welded to the PrimaryPart.
Its still not moving.
its unanchored(By it I mean the other part in the model)

Also how would I tween it by CFrame? I only know how to do It by position.

local bottomPo = workspace.Bottom.Position
local topPo = workspace.Top.Position

local info =
	5, -- time


local upTween = game:GetService('TweenService'):Create(root,info,{Position = topPo})
local downTween = game:GetService('TweenService'):Create(root,info,{Position = bottomPo})

Replace “Position” with “CFrame”

local bottomPo = workspace.Bottom.CFrame
local topPo = workspace.Top.CFrame


:Create(root,info,{CFrame= topPo})
:Create(root,info,{CFrame= bottomPo})
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for i,v in pairs (model:getdescendants) do

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