How would I upload an audio after I've reached the audio upload limit?

I want to upload more audio files than I am able to, but I’ve reached the audio upload limit.
Normally this wouldn’t be an issue because I would be able to upload an audio by paying for the privilege to, but I can no longer do that now that “Audio uploads are now free” is a thing on Roblox.

I am a very small developer, so I do not have the privilege to upload 2000 audio files on to Roblox each month, I have not been able to find a solution so far, the only solution I can think of is brining back the option pay for and audio file upload onto Roblox after the limit has been reached.

If you’re not ID verified, then verifying yourself will give you an upload limit of 100 audios a month. Other than that, there’s nothing I can suggest that you could do that wouldn’t have my reply taken down for “encouraging bad practices” (like saying you could make alts for more audio)