How would I use ClipsDescendants for circular GUI?


Let’s say that you only want some picture to be overlapped into the white circle, which is a ImageLabel. I want to use a ViewportFrame to only appear inside the circle.

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What I did for my dialog UI commission is:

  • The UI with a hole in it. (Hole is where the model shows)
  • Add view port frame underneath Ui with hole in it.

Here is the UI I did it with:

So the main dialog old papery look UI had that chopped up rectangle hole in it. The image player UI is underneath with a brown background color.


There’s a feature on our roadmap for this year which will make this possible without having to use the above technique, which doesn’t work when you want the circle to be over top of the 3D view instead of over top of other UI.


How far into the year are we talkin?


It’s on the roadmap for Q2, but it’s possible for it to slip until later. @0xabcdef1234 did this for her hack week project. There’s lots of issues like memory usage, performance, support for required graphics API features, and driver bugs to work through.


This didn’t appear on the roadmap. But is this still being considered? This will be a great feature for developers to have.

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Unfortunately it seems it may not happen this year.

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I am still looking forward to features like this!