How would I use the Google Maps API for terrain in Roblox?

So, I’m working on a game, and I want to use the heightmaps and terrain from Google Maps to make the Northeast Coast. How would I do that, and how would I make it use terrain from Roblox?


See Google Maps Platform Elevation API.

However, better (and free) alternatives are these NASA topographic maps and the SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Database v4.1.


Which is the most accurate? Also, I want just the terrain, no houses or roads or anything.

I believe they’re based on the same data. There are no roads or buildings, only terrain.

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Thanks! I’m working on a game based on the northeast coast of the USA, and I need realistic terrain.

A bit late, but this is what I use, very useful.

Also its free.


Thanks! I’ll look into it more

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