How would I wait until a local player is assigned a team?

Hey! I was looking everywhere but I could not find a solution, how would I wait until the player is assigned a team? my original answer was to do this:

but it kept going and going, is there a way to do this?

I ask because of this error here:

The player is 100% assigned a team at the start, but the script just goes too fast

Thanks for reading!!!

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if this is a local script, probably add a wait for 1 sec at the top

i think you might find it here: How would I fetch/obtain a player's team via workspace/local player?



if player.Team == nil then

If team is nil (like the error says above) it will wait until a change occurs before proceeding the script.

Also I assumed player == Players.LocalPlayer .


Hey mb I was late, but thanks a lot!

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