How would one force audio to be centered at a Part, rather than the CurrentCamera?

I am able to manipulate the camera and hear sounds relative to where the camera is. But how would I force the audio to center at a certain static location rather than with the camera?

I’m not sure what you mean. Sounds are either global or centred on a part. Your camera is where you view the world from so it would make no sense to hear sounds from any other location

It makes sense in my use case. I’m making a “security camera” type setup where the player’s camera is teleported to different locations to view different rooms, but I want the player to hear no audio from where the camera is and only from where the player actually is.

I still want it to be spatial audio with stereo, I just want the reference point to stay in one location rather than be bound to the camera.

Is SoundService:SetListener() what you’re looking for? You could probably get the old camera position and set the listener to that CFrame while you’re in a security camera if I’m understanding correctly

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I think SoundService:SetListener() is exactly what I am needing, thanks!

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