How would one go about placing a sprint button mobile?

So I recently added a stamina system to my game where you could sprint at the cost of using your stamina. However, mobile unlike PC where you can just hold shift on your keyboard I had to implement an entire new button.

This is what it looks like currently:

Basically when you hold the button, you sprint, like holding shift on PC.

The Problem

It is currently difficult to hold the sprint button while moving a direction and jumping or fighting.

So, where should I position this button? Should I make it smaller, bigger etc?

Any ideas would be helpful thank you🙂

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Make a round button, just left above the jump button. It will be easy for players to use a tirth finger to tap that button.

For any anchoring and positioning check this out:

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Thank you! I will certainly try that out.

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Isn’t the move stick on mobile analog? I.e. it gives a movement vector less than 1 if you move it less. What if you made sprint always enabled on mobile. Users can manage their own walk speed by moving the stick less, and then you need no new buttons.

You could also hook into the control module and read the magnitude of the move vector to make it enable sprinting when the magnitude passes a certain threshold if always-on feels too fast all the time, or it’s too hard to move the stick carefully enough to walk.


That’s actually a great idea. I haven’t thought of that. I will for sure check that out. Thanks again for the advice.


I just checked it out and I was able to set it up where if the player was walking faster than (15) it would automatically turn on sprint mode. And if the speed goes back below (15), it turns off sprinting. Thank you again! :smiley: