How would you add textures to a light?

So I have been making a flashlight that sits in the player’s viewport. Everything works. The only thing that is bothering me is how the light looks. In other game engines, you can add a texture to your light.

(Example: Unity light cookies)

I am wondering how to do this on Roblox. I did not find anything on the internet about this.

I have tried using multiple lights but that looked terrible.


dont think there is a good way to do this built in, but you could fire a ray from the front, and whatever it is create a part, apply a texture and a surface light to.

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I would rather use normal spotlights instead. I will make a feature request though.

Try using something like this and add a beam and then use this as a texture then add two attachments and maybe weld them as well?

You can try putting a slightly opaque texture in front of where the light comes from.

By texture I mean 3d texture, like this:


Put a mesh in the shape over the light, so it could create that shape, like put a ring infront of the flashlight light, and it could make a circle