How would you animate an object

I want to animate an object and not a humanoid. Anyone know how to do that?


Take a look at this:

EmeraldSlash provided some helpful tips and code snippets to help you in that thread.

AnimationControllers are required for animating without the use of Humanoid objects - that is if you intend to use Animation objects. Just be wary about the replication factor - you can search up related topics by using the search bar for the DevForum.

If not animation objects, you’ll have to create your own custom implementation for animations using math and CFrames. Use Motor6Ds if you’re looking for a close second to custom animations that look like Animation objects (since those modify Motor6D.Transform).

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Building on what @colbert2677 said, you can write your own custom implementation, but you could skip out a lot of the math by using TweenService. This service, essentially, runs the properties of an object through (for example) a sine wave to calculate speed, making it really easy to animate things.

A plugin by pa00 which could automate this for you is this: