How would you create a exploit injection detector?

I’ve been experimenting with many lua options and certain scripts, filtering enabled has supported a majority.

But, I see the same problem in many popular games such as murder mystery.

I’m creating a game of my own and any suggestions or ideas would be great.


To detect an exploit being injected, I would honestly consider that impossible since the client is controller by the exploiter by the time the exploit has been injected and therefor anything they don’t want you to see on the client you won’t see, in addition to the fact if it were possible, why hasn’t every game added a system to kick anyone who injects an exploit into the game?

Your best bet at detecting exploit is just continuously validating what the server sees, and in the events of an anomaly / a result that could never be produced by your code then kick the player who fired the remote.


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short answer, you dont. sorry bud :frowning:

I found that the FE system has many faults and doesn’t define the correct structure to detect external injections, so I wanted to create my own filter system, which is only working with non-injectory.exe systems which is used mainly now.

The task is complex and lacks the answer because every exploit it’s a unique program.

However, I know a person who made a game that kicks me out whenever I inject (that was AC-testing).

Personally, I’m researching on leaked exploits’ sources and investigating the code. I think it’s to possible to detect a majority of exploits, as they will interfere with something that’s object to an observation possible with local scripts (I can be hated for that, but I believe that’s the way to detect local changes).

well tbh you can’t really “detect” an injection from an exploit, but what you can do is make your game detect when a suspicious activity that shouldn’t happen in your game happens, like a fire event that shouldn’t happen, or a teleport that shouldn’t etc

it’s actually possible i know a guy who made a script that even says what exploit you injected

maybe by making a script where it kicks you when you get low fps

A good place to start would be learning about weak tables and garbage collection