How would you display pets in a simulator inventory?

So basically, it looks like this:

And pretty much every other simulator game has this.

I was thinking it was ViewportFrames, but they just seem to smooth to be that.

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I’m assuming (I’ve never played that game in particular) that it uses regular imagelabels to display the pets. Viewportframes do not support particles at the moment and those images include them. You can get this same effect by opening a blank place, inserting a model, and adding some sort of greenscreen skybox. Then, you take a picture and open it up in your preferred image editing software and edit out the background.

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ViewportFrames can cause lag if too many of them are used with models specially with a lot of parts. This can cause serious lag issues on some low-end devices. I would prefer ImageLabels but thats alot of work to do, especially when you have a lot of pets.


Someone said you’d have to render every pet in Blender.