How would you do this with UIGridLayouts

So I’ve been trying to make squares that are evenly spaced, but I only know how to make squares and don’t know how to evenly space them. Here’s a picture to help you understand what I’m trying to accomplish:

I did some research and used the search bar, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Please let me know if you come across a post that contains what I’m looking for or if you have a solution.

Use a UIPadding or use the CellPadding and CellSize properties under the UIGridLayout.

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No, I am asking how to evenly space them so that they’ll all fit in one row

You need to change the settings and read what they do in uigridlayout. There is one setting that changes the maximum number of items in one line. Then you probably need to resize to fit the frames or use scrolling frame.

I know what they do I am trying to figure how to evenly space them as squares like an inventory look at the picture I attached

And does it do you any differently than it is in the picture?
Take the frame, somewhere inside the Uigridlayout and the squares into frame and it will do it to you automatically.
If you want a space between squares set it in uigridlayout the size of the space.

I think the issue is that I explained my issue poorly, I already found a solution. I was trying to make squares spaced out that perfectly fit in one row with a UIGridLayout. I already knew how to space them out I just wanted to know how to space them out evenly so that they’ll still fit with the fill direction max cells

I still don’t understand but ok. :rofl:
Probably next time you need to send a picture of what it looks like at the moment for comparison because some things are not easy to explain.

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