How would you go about balancing this

I have a stock market game in development.

This game uses RNG to decide what the next price of the stocks will. When it displays, lets say Week 1, it will randomise the stock prices for Week 2.

What needs balancing
A feature in the game is called the analyst, but I dont want it to be a simple 0/1 mechanic.

I kind of want it weighted so higher level analysts are more likely to make the correct decision over multiple variables.

what variables tho

The way I see it, you have 2 options:

  • Have all of the analyses be accurate, but make the higher-level employees provide information more constantly (i.e. level 1 provides an analysis every 4 days, and level 10 provides every day).
  • Have all of the employees provide information at the same rate, but with variable accuracy (perhaps take what the upcoming price will be, and apply a random adjustment to that value within a given range [which will decrease as the employee gets better]).

I’d personally recommend the second option, since it would be a more unique factor (not just “more information”).