How would you go about playing & stopping audio in edit mode?

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Recently I’ve been working on a plugin which let’s you browse audio, much like the Toolbox. However, about halfway through I stumbled onto a little issue; How would I go about previewing audio?

This sounds really easy on the surface, but there are some restrictions you need to take into account:

  • I need my audio to be playable in edit mode (aka without running the game).
  • It needs to be stoppable.

Here are some things I’ve tried so far:

  • Inserting an audio into Workspace and SoundService and then calling :Play(). This did not play the sound at all.
  • Using the :PlayLocalSound() function of SoundService. This did play the audio, however, you can’t stop it once it begins.
  • Using the plugin:PlaySound() and plugin:StopSound() functions. This didn’t work as those functions are under [RobloxScriptSecurity].

With all of that said, have any of you been able to tackle this problem and how? Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately it looks like what you’ve tried is all that is available to us at the moment, I haven’t seen or discovered another way to play audio in Studio other than the :PlayLocalSound() function in the SoundService

Might be a topic you could create in Platform Feedback

Here’s a working method (pretty bad, but the only one),
using PlayOnRemove Sounds and SetListener.

You can spawn a part with a sound at the Sound Listener position, then :Destroy() it
When you want to stop all sounds you can :SetListener() to somewhere far, this will set the “3d audio center” position

local listenerCFrame = workspace.Camera.CFrame
function changeListener()
	local r = 1000000
	listenerCFrame =,r),math.random(-r,r),math.random(-r,r)))
	local SoundService = game:GetService("SoundService")
	SoundService:SetListener(Enum.ListenerType.CFrame, listenerCFrame)
--Call changeListener() to stop all sounds
--Play sounds at "listenerCFrame"
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